Ventures in Video is a full service production facility, offering editing, graphics, and animation. We will gladly arrange an appointment to help you with your post-production needs. Give us a call at 703-532-3400 or send us an e-mail with your questions.

We offer editing services in these formats: VHS, SVHS, 3/4" Umatic and Betacam. Non-linear digital editing is also available. Special effects and titles can be added as well.

Graphics can make your projects look professional and artistic. We can produce creative graphics using the Video Toaster 4000 and other programs. Graphics can take a variable amount of time to create depending on its complexity. We have an hourly charge for graphic creation.

For creating animations, we use 3D Lightwave 4.0 which is one of the best animation programs in the industry. As animaton involves many time-consuming factors such as, design, modeling, and rendering, it is difficult to quote fixed prices. But, we would love to talk to you on an individual basis and determine the price.

It would be a pleasure to assist in your production. First, please schedule an appointment with us, as our post-productions suites are always in use for in-house needs. Since we clear our editing schedule to dedicate the time exclusively to you, we request that if you must cancel an appointment that you notify us a day in advance. Please note that billing will start at the appointment time.

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